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1:8 BJD Costume Elements

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This pattern fits your 15-16cm bjd, such as Luts Tiny Delf, Fairyland PukiFee, Nikki Britt 6 inch Ellemenno/Ellebella and other similar sized dolls.

Instant download PDF sewing pattern

This pattern is in American English.
Print at 100% scale on Letter or A4 paper

Whether it’s Halloween, Carnival or a costume birthday party, the pieces in this collection can be combined to create something special. In addition, they can be used to create everyday wear, such as nite gowns, dresses, stylish harem pants and fashion vests. Don’t forget that your little fae creatures like a bit of the exotic everyday.

This pattern uses 2mm seam allowances

There are two PDFs, each is 18 pages, which include photos and instructions. Because of the scale of this sewing I would recommend some sewing experience.

Garments with their required fabric
Gown - 17cm x 20cm
Witch’s hat - 16cm x 20cm
Wizard/Princess Hat - 9cm x 16cm
Fez for Genie - 9cm x 16cm
Socks - 6cm x 8cm
Pants - 11cm x 12cm
Bloomers - 9cm x 11cm
Vest - 8cm x 9cm
Slippers - 6cm x 8cm
Elf Shoes - 7cm x 10cm
Head Scarf - 12cm x 22cm
Cat - 5cm x 7cm

Materials List
*Light weight organdy, silk or jersey for gown
*Wool Felt for the hats
*Jersey for socks
*4-6mm Buttons/beads or tiny hooks
*Light weight fabric for pants/bloomers
*Jersey or lawn for head scarf
*Wool Felt for vest, shoes and cat
*Thread to match
*Elastic: 1/8inch (4mm)
*4mm Buttons/beads for cat eyes
*Any embellishments such as beads, sequins, bells, lace, embroidery floss, appliqué or iron-ons.

*Sewing needle
*Bodkin for inserting elastic

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I would love to see photos of your finished projects!

Miniature sewing projects are fun! They require small amounts of light weight fabric and take less time than a full size project.

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*please do not redistribute pattern*

Happy Sewing!!