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Brownie Child with Clothing

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Instant download PDF sewing pattern to make a Brownie doll with two options on their foot style, as well as a dress, vest, pants, unders, socks and shoes. Doll measures approximately 6 inches(15cm) when completed. Brownie should be able to wear PukiFee clothes and wigs.

This pattern provides the opportunity for so much creativity. Brownies can be made in every color of the rainbow and placed in every corner of your home. Little delights for guests to spot here and there. They can also be made child safe to share your love of the fae and/or doll collecting with the youngsters.

This pattern is in American English.
Print at 100% scale on Letter or A4 paper

This is a 34 page PDF tutorial.

The Brownie pattern contains comprehensive instructions and photographs for making a wool felt doll with button joints and magnetic head.(There are two other methods of attaching the head briefly described) Two felt wigs and a wig cap so that you can experiment with designing your own wigs. The clothing pattern includes comprehensive instructions and photographs for making a felt vest, felt and jersey dress, jersey pants, unders, socks and felt shoes.

I recommend using wool felt for the doll and clothing. The assembly requires moderate experience making dolls or teddybears.
Skills needed, basic sewing, basic embroidery such as satin stitch and chain stitch. Optional experience with soft sculpture.

I learned about jointing and soft sculpture from the book "How to Make Soft Toys and Dolls" a Sunset publication. But I can also recommend the comprehensive book "Anatomy of a Doll" by Susanna Oroyan if you want more information.

As always, please contact me with any questions you may have.

Happy crafting!!