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Sara Sheep

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Sara Sheep will make a wonderful addition to your collection! She is 14 inches tall and comes dressed in a bespoke outfit and carrying a bright yellow metal lunch pail. Her hooves and dress are accented with hand knit lace and her hand dyed organdy apron is hand embroidered to match her dress. Over all she wears a red plaid cloak with a little nod to Red Riding Hood.

She is a soft linen rag doll with wool stuffing and hand sculpted paperclay face and hooves, painted with milk paint and sealed with natural shellac. (both milk paint and shellac have a very long history in wood crafts) Her hair is made with wool yarn and her ears are wool felt.

Her lunch pail has a matching napkin, apple and chunk of cheese. Both foods are hand sculpted paperclay painted and sealed in the same manner as she was.

I have "signed" her chest with my initials and she has a clay heart beneath that to show all the love that went into her.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

This is a handmade item and may have imperfections.

Not intended for children.