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Stuffed Toy Bally Bly

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Instant download PDF sewing pattern to make a Stuffed Fae Animal of my own design, the Bally Bly!

Bally blys love flowers and hugging and hugging flowers. They are silly little creatures who love to cultivate flowers and hug strangers. Watch out,... you might be next.

This pattern provides the opportunity for so much creativity. The largest size pictured is 27cm and that is the printed pattern at 100%. Change the print percentage and make smaller versions. Place magnets in the arms and they can hug.

The full size Bally Bly is white with blue eyes and is pictured sitting with a 15cm bjd. The 75% bally bly  is gray with orange embroidery and pictured with an 11cm bjd. The 50% bally bly is green and pictured with our micro baby. The 25% bally bly is in Christmas colors and pictured with both the 11cm and 15cm bjds and a 25mm bear in another.

This pattern is in American English.
Print at 100% scale on Letter or A4 paper

The PDF is 23 pages containing comprehensive instructions and photographs for making a felt fae animal.

I recommend using wool felt for the bally bly. There are 3 pieces for the head, 5 for the body and 3 pieces for each of the limbs, (these counts don't include the fingers, toes or ears), to give you an idea of the complexity.

Skills needed, basic sewing, (some experience making small dolls and/or animals)
Basic embroidery such as satin stitch and chain stitch.

As always, please contact me with any questions you may have.

Happy crafting!!