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Print or Assembled Miniature Books

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I can print and assemble the PDF books I have listed or I can offer you a kit with the printed pages on high resolution paper and enough chip board for each book ordered, that you can then assemble. Scroll down to see the list of additional tools and materials that will be needed. These will be printed on demand so an additional amount of time to process or assemble will be required. If ordering 3 or more there is an automatic 15% discount.

These tiny books are original works, actually readable and a perfect accessory for your dolls, from 6 inch child dolls to 16 inch fashion dolls. Androgyny book measures approximately 42mm H x 37mm W and others measure 42mm H x 49mm W.

The Dragon in the oven is a story told from a child's perspective of the world around them and their belief in the fae.

Silly Poems is a collection of poems told from a child's perspective.

We're so Different is an angel and demon friendship story. (available on my patreon as a free printable)

Androgyny and Gender Roles is a psychology book containing the entire contents of a paper I wrote in college. 

Woodland Watercolors is a picture book without words.(also available to my paid patrons)

Additional Tools and materials if purchasing the kit:

Cutting tool, like scissors, a hobby knife or paper cutter




Paper Towels

You can find an instructional video here:

As always, please contact me with any questions you may have.